Happy Birthday to Me! Let’s Get Some BBQ…

So, I have to share a little story…stay with me on this as it will make sense in the end! My birthday was in February and my husband and I were able to take a trip together after (we actually can’t remember the last time we took a trip without the kids) a very long time. Thank you Grandma and Grandpa! Well, I had casually mentioned to my husband that all I wanted for my birthday besides the trip was to go somewhere “fancy” with him for dinner. My husband is a smart man and new he should deliver. So, he made reservations at a VERY nice restaurant in Las Vegas. Sidebar…It’s important to note for those that don’t know, I’m originally from a town in the middle of nowhere Montana population 900. There are more deer and cows then people.

Fast forward to the evening of my birthday. We get dressed up and make our way to the restaurant. I learn this is going to be a new experience as it will be a six course meal with wine pairings. Since I’ve never done anything like this I’m super excited at this point! As we are seated for dinner and presented with the menu, I glance over the options and realize there is basically nothing I want to try. Now I feel the anxiety starting to rise as I’m wondering what do I do? For a person who likes to plan this was very poor planning on my part…I should have looked at the menu before! Well, I ultimately chose the vegetarian option (I’m not vegetarian) and the dinner commenced.

Being naive at fine dining, we thought wine pairings meant a taste of wine with each meal. To our surprise the wine pairings were FULL pours of wine! Remember how I said there were six courses? We aren’t big drinkers to begin with so you can only imagine how quickly the six glasses of wine hit. Well, that and the small portions of food we were served… So now we are partially drunk at this very nice restaurant hoping they don’t notice we are such novices. Finally the bill comes and we happily pay and are on our way. However, we are now a little tipsy and still hungry so what would any responsible person do in this situation? Go get BBQ! Luckily Vegas has something for everyone.

This beautiful, fancy, different dinner taught me a lot about myself. What it taught was I’m for the most part a simple person. I don’t need the complex flavors of a meal that require thought and focus. I’d much rather have my hands dirty with the simple sweet smells and flavors of some good ole’ fashioned pulled pork. Trying new experiences is important as that translates to personal growth. Knowing yourself though and honoring who you are just the way you are is equally as important.

When you allow your true self to shine through in business you will create a path to future possibility you might not have thought possible.

In learning to embrace me just as I am, I have become more comfortable in my own skin which has helped alleviate stress, anxiety and distraction from my life. It has opened up doors of opportunity and introduced me to new people that I’m so happy to know. They are “my people”. Whether they like BBQ or fine dining, it doesn’t matter. I’m sticking with BBQ!

Here’s to you. All my love,

What Do You Do?


The Most Terrifying Question in the World…What Do You Do?

Recently I had the opportunity to help facilitate a conversation with a group of women entrepreneurs. The goal of the discussion was to be able to walk away with some of the critical components in place for each participant’s 2018 marketing plan. As part of this meeting we worked on and practiced each of our respective “elevator talks”. This has been something I personally have struggled with in the past as I have often caught myself taking the easy way out and when asked the question “What do you do” I simply give my job title. Now, I sometimes do this because I don’t really feel like talking and it amuses me to see how quickly the other person tries to excuse themselves. However, giving a job title doesn’t REALLY explain what I do. By just giving my job title I have allowed the other person to now stereotype me and lump me in with their perception of what that job title actually does.

The question we need to ask ourselves is in a world where we need to set ourselves apart and demonstrate our unique value why do we discount ourselves?

I don’t know if I can fully answer that question, but I do know it’s time to STOP. It’s time to stop believing I’m not good enough or worthy or whatever word you’d like to insert that you tell yourself. So, from now on, here’s what we are going to do.

First, when you are asked what you do take a deep breath. If you feel the fear or panic starting to course through your veins when asked that question take a deep breath and exhale. Imagine you are feeling the fear being released from your body.

Second, you are NOT going to answer with your job title. BORING!!!

Third, you are going to start with “Do you know” which is a great way to help identify the pain or the need your product or service addresses. For example, “Do you know for most women who run businesses they often take care of the majority of household responsibilities too and how stressful that can be?” (I’ve identified the pain here.) Then you will say “What I do or What we do” which is the solution. For example, “Well, what we do is help women organize their businesses in such a way that they can focus on other priorities without stress.” I have now given enough information to most likely interest someone in finding out more about what I do. Especially if they are that woman entrepreneur that takes care of the business and her family!

Keep in mind you may need to tailor your “what do you do” response to the audience with whom you are speaking. Practice a couple of different responses to the point that you feel comfortable using any of them. That way you are always prepared to answer the question regardless of the situation. Good luck and I can’t wait to hear what you do!

In my recently released book titled “From Start-Up to Success: Navigating the Journey to Becoming (and Staying) a Successful Entrepreneur” there are many other helpful ideas to becoming the best entrepreneur you can be. Make sure you check it out and watch for more to come. Also, stay connected with us on Facebook and Pinterest, you’ll be happy you did!

Here’s to you. All my love,

What’s your word of the year?


I am a pretty goal oriented person. I like having a plan that I know will help me get to the next level or help me accomplish something I wasn’t sure possible. There have been many times when my plans or sets of goals were a complex web of action items and deadlines. At any given point in time I might have five or more goals I am working on. It never dawned on me until recently (with the help of a business coach) how much power there could be in choosing just ONE word for the year.

In 2017 my word for the year was VISIBILITY. By choosing that one word it became my highest most important goal. It was my vision for the year. It helped me with clarity and focus as all of the plans I created and other goals I set were all designed to help achieve that one word.

How do you choose your word? This was a question in the beginning I struggled with. Have you ever seen the posts on some of the different social media sites that look like a word search and usually say something like the first three words you see, etc.…? Sometimes finding your word can be just like this, it comes to you when you are least expecting it. Sometimes finding your word requires you to sit down and write every word that comes to mind. There is no right or wrong way to choose your word. However, the word you choose should resonate with you. This word should help give you laser focus and a deep desire to accomplish it no matter what. If you find you are feeling just so-so about your word sit with it for a couple days. Think about it and go back through the process you originally did when you chose the word in the first place.

My word for 2018 snuck up on me, smacked me over the head and basically said SURPRISE you get me this year. My word is BALANCE. What I found interesting about this word and the fact that it chose me was I now feel like I have been given permission to create more balance in my life. I am now able to have more “me time” and the space to recharge. This word felt like a light in the dark for me. I am not suggesting we will always have that strong of a reaction to our word when it’s chosen, but I wanted to make sure your word is truly one that has an impact on you.

So as I sit writing my plan and the subsequent goals, action items and deadlines for 2018 I do it with balance in mind. It is my vision for the year, the biggest most important goal I will accomplish in 2018. It is the word that will guide me until I sit here this time next year with a new word.

In my recently released book titled “From Start-Up to Success: Navigating the Journey to Becoming (and Staying) a Successful Entrepreneur” there are many other helpful ideas to becoming the best entrepreneur you can be. Make sure you check it out and watch for more to come. You’ll be happy you did!

Here’s to you. All my love,



Full steam ahead into 2018! What are the top 5 action items to complete between now and December 31st?

The countdown is on, before you know it 2018 will be here and we will rewind the clock to start the journey of working toward and completing our goals for the year all over again. I love this time of year because it gives us the opportunity to wipe the slate clean and start fresh.  However, it’s not 2018 yet!  So…what are those key items you want to accomplish between now and the end of the year to give you the best start to the New Year you can possibly have?

Here are a few from my list. Use these to help cement your year-end plan!

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TIP: Start with 3 to 5 Goals

Starting your new business means an endless to-do list.  Focus on 3–5 goals initially and add from there. Having too many goals can create diffusion and detract from what’s really important. For more tips, order your copy of From Start-Up to Success today!

Business Tip: Start with 3 to 5 goals initially and add from there

From Start-Up To Success: Read an Excerpt

Why did I decide this was important to write? Who am I to be the best person to write this?

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TIP: Planning is Essential

Many new business owners say they are simply too busy for planning.  But, don’t skip this important step.  Whatever it takes, lock yourself in a room and just do it.  When putting your plan together, don’t confuse “planning” and “implementation” as they are two very different things.  The business plan, however, is a set of instructions for your business and/or executive role. So no matter how hard it may seem to write your plan, you HAVE to do it.

Business Tip: A plan is essentially the map or directions to the place you ultimately want you and/or your business to go.