5 Steps to embracing change and overcoming fear in your business

Have you ever been so anxious because of changes in your business that you know are coming or should be made that you felt like you just wanted to pull the covers back over your head and hide? I know I have. Whether the change is big or small, it can be unsettling or even scary. However, I also know change is inevitable and it’s critical as entrepreneurs that we move with change as best we can.

I have a fear of failure and for some that can create significant challenges when facing change. Think about it, if you are afraid to fail why try anything new or why accept change? However, change is inevitable, we can’t hide from it and it’s better to face it head on then let it sneak up on you when you are least suspecting it.

Adapting to change in your business is both a survival skill AND a success skill.

As an entrepreneur there are many items that require our attention throughout the day and being paralyzed by fear of change or distracted due to anxiety over change can’t be one of them. Here are a few ways to help move through the discomfort of change as quickly as possible.

  • Baby Steps
    When I feel overwhelmed because of change it helps to not focus on the enormity of the impact. Rather, I will look at what needs to be done or what action steps I should take to best manage the change and break it down into smaller tasks. Pick one small component, work on it and once it’s done move on to the next.
  • Managing Us
    As I mentioned earlier we are often our “own worst enemy” because of fear. Take some time to talk through or write down the downside to the change you are facing. You might realize the fear is unwarranted or it’s not as bad as you think. Try viewing change as positive!
  • Reduce Your Expectations
    I struggle with this one maybe the most. I have learned over the years though whenever I create an expectation in my mind I typically will need to cut it in half for a more realistic outlook. By having more realistic expectations, it has helped remove some of the stress and pressure I feel daily.
  • Acknowledge It
    There is absolutely nothing wrong with acknowledging how you feel! It can actually help you move through the change more easily by not ignoring your feelings. When I bury my thoughts and feelings away and don’t acknowledge them it always comes back to haunt me later. Understanding and acknowledging how you feel about upcoming change helps you plan for and address the change more easily.
  • Learn
    Think back on past experiences with change. Were there lessons you learned that can help with future change?

It’s critical to have the right people around you for support and to help you move through change, and that is exactly what From Start-Up to Success is all about – providing trusted guidance, experience-based knowledge, and encouragement to help you reach your potential and enjoy the rewards as a successful entrepreneur.

Here’s to you. All my love,


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