about your coach, Melanie

Hello! I'm Melanie, a business coach for women entrepreneurs

I started From Start-Up to Success® with a passion for helping female entrepreneurs achieve their goals. It has always been inspiring for me to see people commit to a dream and succeed!

Being a woman in business and growing multiple successful businesses, I discovered that the driving factor behind my success is my ability to develop and execute a long-term vision for my business, as well as a structured business plan to get there.

Through my work as a business coach for female entrepreneurs, I get to share my experience and knowledge of building a business to help entrepreneurs and business owners connect with the possibilities of their vision and create a sustainable plan that can bring that vision into reality.

I also get to enjoy the friendship we build along the way.

Trust me, I struggled in the early days of growing my own business.

I made my fair share of costly, painful mistakes. The right guidance would have made the journey of growing a new business much simpler and more enjoyable.

I really do believe that owning your own business should be enjoyable.

If you are an entrepreneur looking for a business coach, accountability partner, and friend on your entrepreneurial journey, I’m here for you!

Melanie Colusci Business Coach


To provide expert guidance and support business owners needs to clarify, simplify, and accelerate their path to success.

Each of the business coaching services and tools we offer at From Start-Up to Success® is designed to deliver practical yet powerful strategies for planning, operations, and marketing, all while helping you stay accountable, inspired, and on track to build a thriving business.

There may not be a magic wand or an easy button, but…

With our time-tested business expertise, friendly yet straightforward approach, and passion for helping entrepreneurs like you achieve goals, From Start-Up to Success® promises a no-BS path to starting, scaling, and loving your business!

core values


We value every opportunity to be part of our client’s success story. We are committed to helping women design successful businesses that create a better life for themselves, their families, their teams, and their communities.


We value the transformative power of commitment. The greatest achievements are possible through commitment to consistent, goal-aligned actions – big and small. “Doing little things, consistently.”


As a passionate, down-to-earth team dedicated to the personalized work of helping people achieve their dreams, we serve in the spirit of friendship — bringing care, acceptance, honesty, respect, and fun to all our working relationships.


We value great leadership as a priority in business. As a result, we help business owners build effective and efficient systems so they can have more time and energy to prioritize their leadership role.


We value the “delightment” factor of entrepreneurship, and we’re excited to rekindle it for our clients. We help entrepreneurs work past the drudgery of business challenges and reconnect with the delight and passion that set them on this journey in the first place.