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As an established entrepreneur you have more complex problems to solve.

Problems that you didn’t have as a new business owner. So, why are you investing time and energy trying to fit into small spaces that no longer work for you?

Trying to play full out in a community you’ve outgrown is like signing up for the Varsity team when you are a PRO! 

There’s nothing wrong with the Varsity team, but you’re simply not able to play the game at a challenging enough level to continue to improve your skills.

Thinking small is not in your vocabulary. You’re a BIG THINKER. You just need a team that plays at your level.

Where do you go when you've outgrown your current business circle?

You know it’s time to crush that ceiling and expand your professional circle, but you’re not sure where to turn.

You may even feel a little guilty about leaving your old group behind. Yes, you’ve learned and grown a lot as a business owner. You’ve made great connections too. Yet…you feel yourself stagnating and hitting another ceiling.

Or maybe you don’t have a professional community and you’ve done great on your own…up until now.

Get ready to meet your next professional team!

The team that will help you achieve more. The team that is also looking for someone like you to support their vision and play full out!

Your Pro team is waiting for you: the Accelerate Mastermind program.

Accelerate is a one-year mastermind program designed for established women entrepreneurs.

It’s a committed group of professional peers who are in your corner and committed to helping you reach the next level of success. 

Here is what's waiting for you INSIDE the Accelerate Mastermind experience when you become a member:

Actionable content to scale key areas of your business!

Here is what's waiting for you INSIDE the Accelerate Mastermind experience when you become a member:

Actionable content to scale key areas of your business!

program structure

No matter how niche your business, crushing that ceiling will require big-picture thinking and planning.

Can you afford to keep ignoring the areas where you are struggling? How will you get where you want to go? There is an infinite number of ways you could try to crush that ceiling, like:

Melanie Colusci business coach
Melanie Colusci Business Coach

Do you have extra time—and money--to burn on piecemealing your business skills together while you plug away on a lonely island of doubt and confusion? Of course not!

When I created Accelerate, I took all of the above into account.

In fact, I already run a great mastermind program for women who are in the newer stages of growing a business. We learn, grow, and support each other.

It’s a lot of fun! And, I have noticed some members might be better served another way.  

As an experienced entrepreneur, you might be the same. That is why I created this next-level program—I saw a need to do, and offer, more.

I've created Accelerate to help you get where you want to go…faster!

It’s more intimate, more in-depth, and more focused on those key areas that we all need to look at when we decide to scale.

Here's what people are saying

You know more is possible and you’re committed to reaching your next big goals!

enrollment options

We’ve made it easy to join with a monthly installment plan.  

Or save over $250 when you upgrade to annual and pay in full. 


You can’t enroll just yet! Click “apply now” to get started. 

Once your application is reviewed and you are accepted, you’ll receive a phone call and welcome email with your link to get enrolled and setup.


12 installments


One annual installment
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enrollment bonuses

But, wait! I have extra goodies for you:

Over $500 worth of additional GIFTS when you apply today.


I want everyone in this yearlong program to have a top-notch experience. If you are not a great fit, or would be better served in a one on one program (or even in an entirely different program) we need to know that before moving forward.

Yes, you can either choose the monthly installment plan or pay in full plan.

In your application, you are asked about the areas of your business you need to work on. If you have an area in mind that is not included in the core content, we can certainly take time to address those areas. 

You will have access to our private Facebook group. You will also have Melanie’s email and our support staff email should you need any assistance.

Yes, because accountability is essential for success.

I’ve been a business owner for over 20 years.

The Accelerate Mastermind is designed for established business owners, offers a “hot seat”, is more in-depth, and focuses on key areas of business for those who want to scale.  A regular mastermind can be helpful for some, but often don’t go deep enough, or hands-on enough, for experienced for business owners.

You will be in an intimate group with no more than 10 other experienced business owners

The Accelerate program combines group coaching with a mastermind experience.  Not all group programs allow for its participants to learn from, and enrich, one another. Accelerate offers the best of both worlds: leadership and focus, plus the opportunity for its members to lead and provide value to the group.  

The ‘hot seat’ is the opportunity to focus on any specific area of concern you may have. It’s a great experience for receiving insights and support from your group of peers.

New problems require new solutions and new conversations.

Disclaimer:  After your first session, if you are not confident that this program will help you achieve what you stated on your application, I will stop your membership and you only pay for the session you already received.

This yearlong program is intense and high-level. After that first session, there is no turning back. This program works if you work it. That is why we don’t offer a guarantee. We only want to attract the most committed entrepreneurs who are willing to do the work. If this is you, please click the yellow apply button.