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Think about the last time you decided to travel somewhere new but you didn’t have a map. Did you make wrong turns? Did you waste time, peace of mind, and maybe money? Did you arrive late? Were you completely exhausted when you finally got there? Or worse yet, did you just give up and turn around?

That’s what it’s like to navigate the path to becoming a successful entrepreneur without a trusted guide.

As a women’s business coach, small business consultant, and owner of my own successful business for more than 10 years, I have experienced first-hand many aspects of the journey described above.  I have learned that with the right help, there is a less painful and more positive way to get your enterprise off the ground.

A From Start-Up To Success Consulting Package can be your catalyst for change – one that can make the difference between accelerating your momentum toward business success and stalling out.

Consulting Packages

As your dedicated business consultant, I’ll share my expertise and knowledge to help you develop a comprehensive plan to achieve your specific goals. Need help understanding taxes? Don’t know how to set up your brand? Ready to hire your first employee? Instead of reinventing the wheel, let me as your experienced guide help you overcome the business challenges you’re facing.

Choose between:

Foundation Package (2 sessions)
Achieve Package (6 sessions)

You’ll receive a customized plan that:

  • Provides objectivity on your business strengths and weaknesses
  • Tackles problems faster so you can move toward your next phase of success
  • Helps you manage business challenges and capitalize on opportunities


2 Sessions

In the Foundation Package, we’ll get started with a 75-minute jump-start session to review all aspects of your business and pinpoint areas where you need help. In the second 75-minute session, we’ll discuss specific ways you can improve your business and precisely what action steps to take.

75 minute Jump Start Session

75 minute Findings and Action Steps Session


6 Sessions

In the Achieve Package, we’ll begin with a 75-minute jump-start session to get a perspective on the current landscape of your business. From there, you’ll join me in five 45-minute sessions to cover everything from your business plan, goals, and budgeting to hiring, systems, and marketing.

75 minute Jump Start Session

Meeting 2: Biz Plan/Goals

Meeting 3: Budget

Meeting 4: Systems

Meeting 5: Marketing

Meeting 6: Wrap Up Session

Sessions should run for 45 minutes

Consulting packages start at $699

Schedule your complimentary 30 minute business assessment to determine which package is right for you.

To learn more, contact me today at

I look forward to learning about your business
and helping you reach your potential as an entrepreneur!

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