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Your business can (& should!) take care of your family in an emergency

I had a scare the other day that made me evaluate well, basically my entire…. Read more

Defining your year: What’s the one word you would choose to help guide you in your business?

I am a pretty goal oriented person. I like having a plan that I know…. Read more

How Are You Choosing to End Your Year?

The countdown is on, before you know it we will be bringing in 2018 in…. Read more

Planning Is Essential

TIP: Planning is Essential Many new business owners say they are simply too busy for…. Read more

From Start-Up To Success: Read an Excerpt

As women, the hurdles we often face in the professional and executive world can be daunting. I have lived through inequality in the pay I received, double standards for performance, and in my industry, the proverbial “good old boys club…

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