Maintaining Focus (and Getting Business Done) in Times of Adversity

By:  Melanie Colusci


I must confess… it’s been kind of a sh*t-show here over the past few weeks.

It all started with weird weather for Pittsburgh which resulted in three snow days in one week for the kids. Then, after a long bout with a toothache I found out I needed to have oral surgery rather unexpectedly. Which meant a bunch of stuff had to get re-arranged. It’s also been very busy for my financial planning firm because it’s tax season and I work with several accountants and CPA’s. And, to top it off, I thought it would be a good idea to start a diet too!

I absolutely understand there are many people who have more difficult challenges then the ones I am going through right now. There have been people in Pittsburgh without power for a week now due to the high winds we had last weekend!

With everything I’ve had going on though I have had a hard time focusing. I’ve been more tired then usual, I’m not motivated, and I REALLY just want to sit on the couch and pet my cats.  Of course, for those that know me, wanting to hang with my cats is not out of the ordinary, however, all of these feelings are NOT conducive to effectively running two companies and a women’s mastermind group.

So, what does one do when all you want to do is nothing?


You go back to the basics.

Tip 1: Make lists and prioritize

Sometimes it’s easier when you can see everything you have to do. I find making a quick list helps me visually see what needs to be done and makes prioritizing much easier.

Tip 2: Ask for help and delegate

I’m lucky in that I have a great team at work that helps make sure things run smooth even when I’m not. Spouses and friends can also be great motivators and help when you need that extra push.

Tip 3: Set small goals

Normally I like to set big scary goals, but when I’m struggling I will set little goals. Like, get out of bed, or make just one phone call, or send just one e-mail.

Tip 4: Reward yourself!

Leave work early, sleep in a few extra minutes, get a massage, go sit in the sunshine. Or, like me, pet the cats for a few extra minutes!

I find implementing these little tips help me refocus and gain momentum even when I’m not feeling it initially. There are going to be times when we just don’t feel like doing it. That’s normal. It’s those times that we need to go back to the basics, implement the tips, and get it done.


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  1. AngelaTodd


    June 27, 2019 3:22 pm

    I love the simplification that you offer! Thank you. Angela

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