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I am excited to announce that the From Start-Up to Success team has grown! I am such a proponent of the saying “two heads are better than one” and realize I couldn’t accomplish what I do without a significant amount of help. At some point we all must decide if it’s time to add to our team. Because I have never done this formally before I wanted to introduce you all to the important people that help me daily.

I own a few businesses so there is a lot to manage. When I first created From Start-Up to Success it was new and there wasn’t much that I had to do. But then it started to grow. I quickly realized I needed some help with behind the scenes activities like social media and website maintenance. It’s hard to know when it’s exactly the right time to hire. But if you are finding yourself not getting to what you would consider critical business activities because you are stuck completing administrative work then it’s time to hire.

In this day and age with the technology capabilities that are available to us it’s easy to work with a someone that may not need to be physically on-site. Using a virtual assistant now makes it easy to add a person to your team for even one or two hours a week.

So, meet Robin Allen!

Robin lives in Montana and takes care of a lot of the behind the scenes for From Start-Up to Success and Pittsburgh Women’s Mastermind. This isn’t the first time Robin and I have worked together. We actually worked together at a firm in Montana when I still lived there, and she just happens to be my sister! We have a weekly call to make sure we are always on the same page and clear on priorities. We use Dropbox to share documents easily and communicate daily through e-mail.

I soon realized though I needed help locally to promote the events I wanted to have and to help me grow From Start-Up to Success.  Because it was a new company no one had really heard about it, so I needed some help “getting the word out”. That’s where Cindy Ellek comes in.

Cindy and I met through Pittsburgh Women’s Mastermind a number of years ago. Cindy owns a marketing firm, so it was an easy next step for me in deciding to work with her. Cindy primarily focuses on the promotion of From Start-Up to Success and Pittsburgh Women’s Mastermind. This includes the book tour I had last year, different events we hold, and generally gaining visibility for both entities. While her primary focus is promotion and growth, she’s also been lovingly called my “handler” which just as it sounds encompasses much more. 😊

With From Start-Up to Success and Pittsburgh Women’s Mastermind growing quickly I recently discovered I am not a magical creature (I know, who knew) that can wave my magic wand and make sure it’s all done and nothing falls through the cracks. So that lead to the decision to hire another team member to specifically help me stay organized, focused, and more effectively managing all three businesses.

Gaby Smith comes to the team officially as of about two weeks ago. She owns a business as well and brings a new, fresh perspective to the mix. She has already had some great ideas that we are in process of implementing that she gave I think on day 2!

Working with a team can be a great way to leverage time and talents. Just make sure your listening and communication are open. It can be an intimidating first step when deciding it is time to hire.  It’s also one I don’t regret and it’s full steam ahead!

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