Are you a good communicator? How understanding your communication style can help you advance in your career

By:  Melanie Colusci


The first time I had to make a sales call I was so scared and nervous I needed someone else to sit with me while I made the call. In thinking back it makes me giggle a bit as this call was probably one of the easiest there is. However, I was so worried I would say the wrong thing, they would say no, they wouldn’t like me…you name it, my head was a mess.

Since that first call I have spent many hours studying how to be a better communicator. What I didn’t realize while I was making that first call was effective communication starts with listening. So often people new to sales want to tell their potential customers or clients everything they know without giving the prospect an opportunity to tell them what they want!

Have you ever spoken with someone who didn’t give you an opportunity to really talk? Did you leave the conversation feeling like it wasn’t a great conversation or somewhat one-sided? When you are talking with a prospective customer or client it’s important to give them an opportunity to talk. Ask questions, be engaged, pay attention, and be present. Remember, it should be a conversation NOT a presentation. Asking questions and getting to know the person you are talking with is critical to delivering your message more effectively.

How would you categorize yourself? Are you a big picture person or a detail person? Do you prefer to get straight to the point or like a softer touch? Imagine if you are a big picture person and you are trying to explain your product or service to a very detail oriented person. Being a big picture person the tiniest of details often aren’t that important. However, if you don’t communicate all of the details to that very detail oriented person then chances are you won’t “make the sale”.

Taking time to understand your prospective client or customer’s personality style, how they prefer to be communicated to, and then tailoring the delivery of your message to that style will significantly increase the effectiveness of the conversation. Remember, communicate not how you prefer, rather how they prefer.

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