women's mastermind group

a message from the facilitator and business coach, melanie

Every business owner needs a tribe of support, skill-sharing, and inspiration. Women entrepreneurs are no exception. In fact, we are built for social connection.

Whether you are just thinking about starting a business, growing a new business, or creating another business, you need other women in your corner to help you grow and succeed. And they need you!

We are not islands and why would we want to be? Life is better together…and your business is no different.  

When I first joined Pittsburgh Women’s Mastermind® I was at a crossroads in my life. You can read my entrepreneur success story here. 

Looking back, I am beyond grateful that I embraced leading this community of women entrepreneurs. It is my honor and privilege to learn, grow, and celebrate with my fellow women entrepreneurs. 

melanie colusci

"Is Accelerate Mastermind the right business mastermind for me as an EXPERIENCED business owner?"

If you are an experienced business owner who needs to accelerate business growth, the Accelerate Mastermind might be a perfect fit for you.

Accelerate Mastermind is designed for women who have been a business a few years and are looking for a way to get where they want to go….faster!

My wish for you is that you find the right-fit community to help you grow your business and LOVE your journey.

If you have any questions about our women’s Accelerate Mastermind program, please don’t hesitate to contact us at support@fromstartuptosuccess.com.

Our one-on-one business coaching packages are designed to help you accelerate your business growth, set up smarter operations for greater efficiency, and determine benchmarks and goals you want to reach.

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